The Great Nigeria Project is set up deliberately to challenge the existing mental orthodoxy that the narratives described have created. We will strive to challenge the veracity of these narratives that inform a great portion of the behaviour and aspirations of the Nigeria people. This project is set up to inspire Nigerians to begin to see these concepts as they really are, falsehoods and caustic deterrents to personal and national development.

So how does it work?

Make up your mind

You have to agree that we are the ones that need to change - and if we do this, Nigeria will be better. Every lasting solution starts in the mind, that this is the first step.


Really, that's basically it! Go about your daily activities but with a better mindset. Don't get depressed at the narrative, because you're a changing it bit by bit.

Share and Spread

If you've made your mind up to join this movement, then go ahead and begin. Found a unique and different Nigerian? Then share, using #mygreatnigeria. We will feature you on our pages!