Who we are

A team that loves Nigeria

For a very large part of our nascent history, Nigerians have been conditioned to a reality where seemingly nothing works, and this lesson has been learnt in virtually every aspect of society so well that it has birthed a pervasive sense of foreboding and despair in the possibility of a better Nigeria. 

The Great Nigeria Project aims to change that narrative.

The Great Nigeria Project is set up deliberately to challenge the existing mental orthodoxy that the narratives described have created. We will strive to challenge the veracity of these narratives that inform a great portion of the behaviour and aspirations of the Nigeria people. This project is set up to inspire Nigerians to begin to see these concepts as they really are, falsehoods and caustic deterrents to personal and national development.

What we aim to do

Keeping it simple.


  • Unemployment is perilously high.
  • You usually need to know someone before you can get approval.
  • Success/approval of proposals or jobs are usually determined by financial inducements, rather than by their own merit.
  • Education standards are shambolic.
  • Healthcare is only optimal for the upper cadres of the society. The majority of the populace generally have to make do with whatever is left.

These and more have steadily but surely poked large crevices in the morale and conviction of well-meaning Nigerians to seek more lasting personal development.

We seek to propel Nigerians to begin to question the status quo and seek ways to contribute, to engage, and to succeed in the midst of a society that seems to be skewed against such ambitions.

This project will tell the stories of many Nigerians, hidden away in their tiny corner of the landscape who have bet against the odds and are determined to forge ahead. It will also open up crucial conversations in hubs, in groups, and across divides that will spur other Nigerians to begin to ask themselves some vital questions about how they can contribute to the Nigerian story.

We will build an attitude in our people, irrespective of age, tribe, location, etc that will help them zoom in on what reasons there are to succeed and take their focus away from the apparent systemic and institutional challenges.

The “GREAT NIGERIA PROJECT” is so named, contrasting against “New Nigeria,” because we believe that the new isn’t always better than the old. Having a new Nigeria is not necessarily as desirable as having a great Nigeria. A new Nigeria may merely be a change of the guard/leadership, but a great Nigeria will be about her citizens each contributing their own quota, improving themselves, their communities and the nation ultimately.